Best Hair damage care - leave-in treatment

Jsoop Purple J Waterpack

Best Hair care/2024, hair-damage-care-leave-in-treatment, hair-treatment Singapore Jsoop Purple J Waterpack Voted By Beauty Experts
Experts' Choice
Experts' Choice

This product is a no-rinse hair pack that is deeply and quick absorbed by hair, leaving no residue behind. It acts as a heat shield with nutritious ingredients activated by styling tools. It also offers damage control by repairing split ends & cuticles with 5 protein types. It is an effective moisture boost with natural ingredients hydrate and protect.


Chez Vous: “The smoothest leave-in treatment I have ever used on my customers. It can detangle even the most damaged and dry hair, making it silky, shiny and easy to blow dry. The way it covers up damage temporarily is definitely a class above the rest”.

Hair damage care - leave-in treatment