Best Hydrating Facial Moisturiser

Doctorcos Snow White Water Glow Mask

Best Skincare/2024, facial-moisturiser, hydrating-facial-moisturiser Singapore Doctorcos Snow White Water Glow Mask Voted By Beauty Experts
Experts' Choice
Experts' Choice
The product allows for 120 Hours Moisture Retention of  47%. It helps in skin pore improvement - with the pore index decreasing b up to 2.39 after a single use, based on 0.1mm. It also reduces skin temperature - You can feel the immediate skin cooling effect, reducing up to 3.1°C. Besides, it contributes to wrinkle improvement . It is a 9 in 1 cream that functions as a moisturiser, elastic cream, wrinkle cream, nourishing cream, whitening cream, eye cream, pores serum, mask sheet, sleeping mask
"Skin feels hydrated and nourished, with a more even-toned texture".

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